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Butter Loves Heights

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Butter’s Kitty Condo

Butter’s new kitty condo that he picked out with his lottery winnings!

(If you don’t know the story about Butter winning the lottery, stay tuned!)


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Butter Sleeps

Butter’s first night at his new home.  He was exhausted and fell asleep while one of his daddies watched tv.


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Butter Yawn

This is where I took a pic of Butter and he yawned :)

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Butter Hides Face

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Book Update

I’m writing a children’s book entitled:  Butter:  The Cat Who Fetches, Has Two Daddies, And Won The Lottery” and it’s coming along nicely.

I’ve finished several drafts of my story and have found an illustrator.

I don’t know if I’ll self-publish or if I’ll submit to publishing companies.  I understand that Amazon makes it very easy to self-publish so I’ll be looking into that first.

Of course, when the book is out, it will be announced (heavily :)  on this site!

Wish me luck!  :)

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About Butter The Cat

Butter, an orange tabby cat, is the main character in the book “Butter:  The Cat Who Fetches, Has Two Daddies, And Won The Lottery!”. (Based on a true story.)

Butter The Cat is a rescue cat that we got from a family who couldn’t keep him anymore.  We took him into our home and he is now an important part of our family. :)

He loves to be scratched under his chin, sitting in the sunlight, and petted all over (but Butter sheds a lot of hair, so be prepared when you pick him up or pet him!).

Butter loves to fetch paper balls, too. Watch the video here!

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Butter Sleeping In His Kitty Condo

Butter Bought This With His Lottery Winnings!

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Butter As A Chin Rest For One Of His Two Daddies

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Butter, The Cat (Pic)

Butter eye

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